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You might think that foundation repairs require excavation, but that's not always the case. Our foundation repair specialists can stabilize your foundation by inserting helical piers into the soil. Helical piers are large metal rods that look like big screws. They can stop your foundation from sinking and lift it back to its original position.

Helical pier installation is a quick, simple and effective way to fix foundation issues. If you need foundation repairs in Winston-Salem, NC or the surrounding area, choose Structural Repair Of The Triad for efficient service.

Check out the benefits of helical piers

You'll be glad you scheduled helical pier installation services because:

  • The process doesn't require invasive excavation
  • Helical piers can fix existing issues and prevent future problems
  • Piers are one of the most effective ways to stabilize your foundation

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Helical Piers are one of the most effective solutions to stabilizing a foundation.

Restores your home to it's original position
Helps prevent futher cracking in walls and flooring
Fast and easy installation
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